Full Composite Carbon Hiku

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The Hiku is the latest edition to our Tai Paddles range.

When designing the Hiku our focus was on increasing stability and hold in the water. To do this we did several things, we increased the blade offset to 10.5cm while maintaining the same entry angle as a Broadbill design, this moves the blade further into a pulling position. We also increased the V on the power face to create an even split for the water giving the blade more stability. The Hiku blade design paired with our new full composite shaft is a great combo.


Option to have a name label added free of charge, if you want a name different to the full name of the person ordering please email us with these details. 


Width: 9.5"

Length: 18.5"

Offset: 10.5cm


When designing our New full composite shafts our goal was to create a shaft that is light weight, strong and with similar flex properties to a timber shaft. We are able to achieve this by controlling the percentage of carbon fibre and fibreglass in the shaft and also the orientation of the fibre weave. The result is consistent shaft weights and flex. Our shaft is double bend/curved and available in two flex options. Regular Flex  for all round paddling and Stiff Flex for shorter distance and stronger paddlers.


Blade: epoxy, carbon fibre, fibreglass, pvc foam, reinforced carbon fibre edge.

Shaft: epoxy, carbon fibre,  fibreglass, pvc foam