Puakea Quick Release Leash

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Can be used for Outrigger, Surf Ski, and Stand Up paddling. Easy and fast to unclip and reattach a carabiner in challenging conditions.

- 6 foot length
- 7mm coiled polyurethane cord for compactness
- Double stainless steel swivel design prevents twisting and tangling
- High density, cross-weaved webbing
- Extra strong construction to ensure ultimate reliability
- Utilizes the newest high tech materials for comfort

Use/Maintenance/Safety Instructions: Rinse your OC leash with fresh water after every use to ensure continued optimal functionality. Always inspect your leash before paddling, making sure there is no grass, dirt, or sand in the Velcro. This device is designed as an open water tether only. Coiled leashes are not designed for heavy surfing conditions. It is not designed to be load or force bearing and will snap under load or force. DO NOT USE IT AS A SURFING LEASH IN BREAKING WAVES